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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Easykleen owns and manages We (Easykleen) take care of ourevery user’s privacy and make commitments of protecting it always from the time when the user reached our website. We Easykleen collected the user information in two ways, first when the user supplied information while registering with us and second while navigating information automatically.

User Information

For using the services of our website, users required to provide some piece of information like name, age, sex, pin code, residential address, likes and dislikes/interests, and credit/debit card details. This information helps us in improve our site according to the user’s interest and wants.

Above user information may use by Easykleen, to develop new services or to improve the services. This service may also use to maintain and protect the services.

Under the right to information act, 2005, this type of information will not be considered as sensitive if it is easily available or publicly accessible or furnished, any rules made thereunder orany other lawfor the time being in force.

Debit/credit cards details stored in an encrypted and much-secured manner. The first six digits of debit/credit card provide the bank identification number, used for the bank name and the country code of the card. For the use of fraud detection and prevention purpose, the first six and the last four digits of debit/credit card number. Order processing, shipping, and customer service is one of the main reasons for the gathering of information.


We may use cookies and other related high tech electronic tools to collect the information and assigning every user a unique and secure user ID for the improvement of the responsiveness of our users.

Even after assigning a cookie to your system, we will have no way of knowing your name or data unless you identify yourself through a sign-up or registration. We only receive and store the data and information when the user interacts with us through our website. A cookie cannot scan/read your hard drive data.

Log File and IP Address Information

When you visit our website, we collect the limited information of your computer system and its internet connection, and IP address.An IP address is a unique number, automatically created when you connected to an internet connection.

We automatically receive and log information through your browser, including your computer system name and operating system, your IP address, CPU and connection speed. We may also collect log information from your device, including your device name, its serial number and its unique identification number.

Information from Other Sources

If you are using any other service on a platform/online website, which is connected to us, your information will pass to us by those third-party networks. We add it to our account information and treat it per this policy. We may contact or be in touch with the third parties to get the information of youto correct our records or to connect/communicate with you.

Information Sharing

Easykleen provide user’s sensitive information to the third party only in these cases

  • When it is required/requested by any law or court, government agency, for  any cyber cell case, prevention & detection, or in any investigation process, this type of disclosure will happen to protect or maintain the rules and regulations by the law.
  • We share these personal and private information in our internal company departments to maintain security purpose.

Information Security

Easykleen follows and maintains the best security process to store the user’s information. We take care of security measures for any unauthorised access. We also follow the physical security measures to guard our personal data storage from any unauthorised access.

We use high tech security technology for storing the user’s data. However, no security system is unbreakable. We are also not sure that your information will not be intercepted at the time of supplying it on our website on the internet by you. However, we may change our privacy policies from time to time for better user experience.

Grievance Redressal 

Complaints regarding abuse or concerns related to the content and breach of the terms and services shall be immediately informed to our Grievance Officer as mentioned, via in writing or by email signed with the electronic signature to

(Grievance Officer)